Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We've solved the 20th Century!

Yup the 1900's, a time that the two of us were born into and endured through, was powered by death! The carcases and rotting corpses of animals and plant fibers from millennia ago were compressed and heated to form the black tar of death that we call oil, the carbonized rock called coal, and a vaporous toxic gas. Extracting these substances requires drilling, explosions and now fracking! Using these fuels requires ignition, combustion and burning. The consequence of consuming these toxins is polluted air, oil slicks that smother animals and toxic seepage where no life can grow. Death begets more death.

What of the 21st Century? Can we shed the addiction to death?

Well, the opposite of death is Life! What is the opposite of unrelenting compression in an inky subterranean grave? Everything above ground! Light! Air! Water! Movement! The sun is the source of our light and all living things on our planet, even our planet. We can embrace it's constant radiant power, work with the ebb and flow of the tides and channel the wind to our aid. Powered by life we can heal and restore rather than poison and destroy ourselves and our nature. That is the potential of this Century, to shed the age of death and embrace an era of Life!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Life is Energy and Energy is Life

Life is energy and by its nature is always ON, active, and in motion. Energy is never at rest and so off switches have been built into incarnation to make life take a breather, such as sleeping and gestation in the womb. These are moments where life is held in stasis, in a passive state. Winter is also a season when life withdraws into a hybernative stasis. There are two forms of life that make up the carnate human, the organic life that maintains the body, and us, the individual consciousness that utilizes the body for it's own means.

The most significant OFF switch is death, when our physical husk is shed and the organic life returns to it's place. We however, are beyond death, and continue as we always have, outside the realm of incarnation. We can use meditation to listen into the part of us that stays unmanifest beyond time and space. Meditation bridges the gap between the ON and OFF states, the body is passive, the mind is at peace, but our highest consciousness is alert.